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About Me & My Bias CBD Review

About US

Hello And thank you for visiting,

My Name Is Justin.

I created this blog to provide free cannabis education to those who love the industry.

If you want to learn more about the hemp plant and how the oils are being perceived and used to provide humans and animals with potential medical health benefits.

I did this because I love cannabinoids.  CBD (Cannabidiol) especially has helped me and my family in so many ways..

Why Listen To Me?

I have been in the business of Cannabis for a few years now.  I have helped develop and launch 2 CBD Beauty companies over the last 3 years and I absolutely love the industry.

My family believe that taking CBD helped me, my wife, my son, my father and by little dog Lilly.

I Had An Accident

When I was 13 years old, I was in a school yard tussle and ended up cracking a vertebrae in my Cervical Spine.  I needed to wear a hard neck brace for over 6 months and a soft brace for another 3 months.  Since the injury I have suffered from painful migraines from Inflammation and sometimes the whole side of my body goes numb.

I was given a pain reliever mixed with muscle relaxers to help combat the migraines but I have never actually been able to rid myself fully of them until I found this, “something better”.

I am happy to say that since using it, I have been free of those problems, but that’s not all.

Anxiety & Depression runs deep in my family.

Before being introduced to CBD and other natural remedies like Nootropics, I was taking Anti-Anxiety and Anti-Depression medications that when taken together, had some horrible side effects.

I am happy to announce that I have been free of that and no longer suffer thanks to my all natural routine that includes the use of Cannabinoids.

In my opinion, with the use of Cannabinoids, I can honestly say that I have never felt better.  And it’s amazing how this one thing helped this almost 40 year old have more energy that I had in my twenties.

My Father = 5 Neck Surgeries.

My Father Eric, (on the left) is the hardest working mf I have ever met.  Even After 5 surgeries and placing titanium rods on either side of his Cervical Spine, he still works everyday as an owner of an automotive repair shop. He suffers from chronic pain as well as reduced mobility and chronic muscle stiffness.

My fathers misery can not be eliminated or reduced by message or myofascial release techniques due to the danger of dislodging one of his vertebrae.  The fear for him to re-injure his neck is very high and that gives him high anxiety especially when he still must work to provide for his household.

After a few years of being hooked on narcotic medications, (that were prescribed to him), he was fed up and researched for something else that could help his recovery and allow him to live a normal life without the harsh side effects of the narcotics pain medications.  He went to a pain specialist in his local town and they gave him a few “recommendations”.  One was adding CBD Oil.

He said it took about a week for him to feel the reduction in his pain.  After a month, he reduced his medications to a more manageable dose that provided him with significantly less side effects.  True story.

A known side effect of narcotic medication is constipation, and one of the surprise solutions for constipation is natural coconut oil.  Most cannabinoid oil products now and days are formulated with a MCT oil.  So imagine his delight when he found out MCT oil helps with relieving constipation.

My Little Lilly Uses Pet CBD

About 3 years before writing this by dog Lilly decided that she needed to chase the cat, right out the window of a moving car.

Poor girl.

She suffered from a back injury from the fall and was unable to move very well for a few years.

We tried medication given to us by the vet and that seemed to work to help her sleep.  But the meds made her lethargic and I wanted to help her relieve her suffering and give her that energy I remembered our dog should have.

We started giving her Hemp oil for Pets.  Read more ==>Enter My Blog




3 thoughts on “About Me & My Bias CBD Review”

  1. Am a regular user of CBD oil for my secondary progressive multiple sclerosis stiffness & pain. Before CBD, was on Tramadol which had severe side effects for me. No side effects and have been on CBD for a few years now! Love my CBD. Use it a few times per day.

    1. Jeanette,

      Thank you for your insight. I too am a regular user and lover of CBD products. What brand are you currently using? I am currently testing Critical Fit CBD and I love it so far. By far the best results and flavor of all the brand reviews I have done to this point.

      Thanks again for commenting.

    2. Hello Jeanette,

      Thank you for your comment. I am so glad to hear that Cannabidiol(CBD) is helping relieve your pain and muscle stiffness from Musltiple Sclerosis. How long have you been taking CBD?

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