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Searching To Find Info On CBD Benefits For Pets? This Five Minute Read Explains The Benefits, Dangers, Uses, Dosages and Warnings Of Using CBD For Your Pet.


If you love your pet(s) and looking for all natural ways to promote longevity, energy and sleep.  Then a good CBD (Cannabidiol) may give your pet what it needs.

Studies done by multiple reputable institutions have shown that in dogs and cats react similarly to humans when given CBD.  Want to know how it works?

CBD Cannabidiol For Pets

What Is Pet CBD?

Hemp Oil specifically CBD is one of 80 active compounds found in the Cannabis plant.  Cannabidiol oil is the second most prominent compound within the cannabis plant, second only to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

CBD for pets is not much different from CBD marketed for human consumption.  Hemp oil is hemp oil. The only difference in some formulas are additives that are put in to make the oil more favorable to the animal attempting to ingest it.  like Salmon oil or MCT oil.

You always want to make sure that the products you are giving your pet are high grade and certified with COAs.  I personally do not give my dog anything that has not been 3rd party tested.  So just a suggestion there.

Best Cannabidiol CBD for dogs and cats

CBD Benefits For Pets

While the information on the benefits of CBD for pets is still ongoing,  there has been documentation and research that suggests some significant benefits of adding cannabinoids like CBD to our our furry friends diet.

Consult your veterinarian before giving your pet any CBD products.  Test results are still being reported and a bunch more research is ongoing about the benefits and dangers of CBD use in pets and humans alike.

Will CBD Get My Pet High?

Ways To Give Your Pet CBD

There are many ways to give CBD to pets.  Many brands have Dog and Cat treats with CBD infused in them.  Below is a list of my favorite treats.

  1. CBD Dog/Cat Treats: Benefits of treats are they come in many different sizes, shapes and textures so you can give your pet something they will ask for.  Warnings of treats is This is much slower and less traceable way to give the CBD.  So much so in fact that people have said that CBD doesn’t or didn’t work for there pet.  When it does, its just being given in to small of dose.
  2. CBD Infused Bones: Careful if you are going to go this route.  Dogs have shown to only chew on these bones periodically.  This means they probably are not getting the amount of CBD they need or any CBD at all.
  3. Topical Oil/Creams:  Use only if you know the exact area that your pet suffers or has skin conditions.
  4. Capsules: This is a suggested method of delivery as it is a specific dose and can be regulated.
  5. Pure Oil Tinctures: I prefer to give my pets Pure CBD Oil Tinctures specific for animals.  This is the best way to deliver CBD.  The oil is immediately ingested and you can see results within 30-45 minutes.

Personally I would stay away from treats and bones.  Just my opinion, but I would rather know exactly how much CBD I’m giving my pet.

Below is a video of me giving my Lilly and her dad Lucky some of the Doc Thackery’s Pet CBD oil Tincture.

As you can see, when the oil is pure and created with taste in mind, the pet will be fine to take the CBD oil just like you’re giving them a treat.  I suggest you  try Doc Thackery’s pet CBD.

Update Video 7/23/2020:  Lilly is up and running. Check it out.  I’m thrilled to see her pain reduced and her getting some of her liveliness back.

Where To Buy CBD For Pets?

Below is a list of my top pics of Pet CBD companies:

Top Pick For Pure CBD Oil:  Doc Thackery’s CBD

Top Pick For Soft Treats: WebMD.Com

Top Pick For Tablets/Capsules: HolistaPet.Com

Top Pick For Topicals: PawCBD

Allfit CBD Pet CBD FAQ

CBD Dosage For Pets?

All pets are different.  Some pet CBD companies have put dosage units of measure on the labels of the bottle that go by weight.  I usually give my dogs about 1/2 tincture of pure CBD oil.

I recommend consulting a veterinarian prior to giving your pet any CBD or other products.

20 thoughts on “CBD Benefits For Pets”

  1. I never knew that CBD can be given to animals but it is good to see how great and immensely they can be of help to relieve those in pain.

    The experience you shared with how you give the necessary doses to your dog and how they have improved in their well being goes a long way to show how effective CBD can truly help our pets.

    I am glad you included these videos, makes it easier how well CBD works to help our pets. Thanks for sharing the references to where to get the good ones, will be sure to check those out.


  2. Wow! Who would have given so much thoughts to considering to use cbd oil for pets. I actually have a dog but I have never thought about using CBD oil for him. This is actually cool to see though and I really appreciate all you have shared. Thank you for sharing here. 

  3. I am a firm believer in the benefits of CBD oil for pets, as have been using it for my old cat for well over a year.  When I got him from the shelter, he was overweight, had arthritis and painful teeth, the start of renal disease, and some other problems.  I started giving him CBD right away.

    The one I use is an organic oil from a hemp plant with very low THC content.  Thus, the cat gets only the CBD.  It is made by a friend in California, who is very particular about her product.

    The cat has changed dramatically because of his CBD dosage.  However, I’m now dealing with a new problem.  He’s been to the vet twice since I brought him home, but getting to the vet is difficult, as I have to fly from my home to Juneau.  He is a very timid cat, and is frightened by the trip. 

    His blood sugar level on both visits was very high, and the vet warned that he might have diabetes.  However, not sure, because no urinary test was taken.  Now, however, he is showing all the symptoms, but I cannot take him to the vet unless it is a dire emergency.  He started vomiting in the morning, so I started getting up when he gets up, about 6:00 a.m. and giving him two or three drops of CBD.

    As long as I remember to give it to him when he first gets up, it stops the nausea.  This in itself is very helpful.  We will have a vet here within a couple of months, which pleases me a great deal, because now I will have someone to consult.  However, I must say I am very thankful for CBD, as it has helped my cat a great deal.

    1. I am so happy to hear your fur baby is doing well and using CBD. I have many customers who are saying the same about the results of CBD. I can’t thank you enough for your time in commenting on this article. I would suggest trying Doc Thackery’s Pet CBD. It’s what I give my Lilly because I researched allot of Pet CBD brands and Doc Thackery’s CBD for Pets is the only one I found that used a Salmon Oil and MCT oil. So not only is it great for all the benefits of the CBD but also a great source of healthy fats like omega 3.

  4. I really liked your noted experience of how you give your dog constant dose and it proves that those doses really worked. I am still thinking about this give some to my pet but I think I would do so after reading this awesome article as its so obvious that I would help the life of your pets.

    1. Yes my little fur babies are doing so much better. Lilly is walking almost like normal and that’s not all. The CBD has helped all of my 3 dogs in some way. Lucy suffered from anxiety from being abused in the home before ours and is now much calmer and less needy. Luckys hip has always bothered him since he was a puppy. He used to run on 3 legs but now he runs like he feels no pain or anything. All of my dogs fur has brightened up and is much softer.

  5. Md. Asraful Islam

    Many thanks to you for sharing with us a beautiful and interesting article. The main content of this article is CBD Benefits for Pets. We know that CBD oil is very useful but it is widely used nowadays for pets. CBD solves all the problems like anxiety or disorder which is very important for the pet. I had a pet cat who had the disorder and at that time it ate CBD capsules so he recovered in a few days.

    So I would tell you that those who keep something like a pet dog or cat can give this CBD to boost the immune system of your pet.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      As you can see above, my dog has greatly improved due to adding Pet CBD to her pain management program. I have personally seen the results of Hemp Oil for pets and would recommend the product I use.

      Doc Thackery’s Pet CBD

  6. I didn’t know that there was CBD available for dogs too. This is some very good stuff here and I admire the fact that I would be able to use CBD for my little dog at home. He sometimes falls I’ll and I have to take him to the pet doctor but maybe this can help reduce the frequency. I have used it personally and I know that it has so much benefits for me. Thank you so much for giving the information

    1. Thank you for your comment on CBD Benefits For Pets.

      My Dog Lilly is in the video above. She uses CBD daily and has stopped all other medications.
      I can truly attest to the positive effects of CBD for pets. I will never underestimate the power of a good cannabidiol oil for pets.

  7. I personally admire pets from a distance. I believe the right time for me to own one will come. This was a very helpful article that I can recommend for anyone with pets. The benefits of CBD on pets as you outlined  them make them a must have.The fact that they can address almost all ailments you can think of that pets can have, its really amazing. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comment on CBD Benefits For Pets.

      As you can see from the videos above, my dog Lilly uses Doc Thackerys Pet CBD because the Benefits of CBD for pets is staggering.

      My dog Lilly has never felt better since starting using a good quality CBD Oil.

  8. Great post! Thanks I read this site, I didn’t know there is another effective medicine to cure dogs and cats from this CBD for pets can quickly recover from any disorder or pain, as you say same as human react. But most I like you say is to consult first to veterinary expert for the dosage before giving to a pet, thanks your advice and great tips. I see the good results in your video dogs become very active. What a surprise post of CBD for pets. Congrats! 

    Thank a lot, 


    1. Thank you for your comment on CBD Benefits For Pets.

      Just like humans, dogs have a Endocannabinoid System that responds positively to added cannabinoids.

      Cannabinoids like CBD have been shown to be highly beneficial for multiple reasons. Listed above.

  9. Wow! Immense are the bejfits of cbd oil for humans and I do make use of it from time to time but I have never considered making use of cbd oil for pets before. I have a labradors at home and though I have never used the oil on her before but actually, considering all I have read here, it kinds of makes sense and I will try to seek the vets advice before any application on her

    1. Hello Helen, Thank you for taking the time to comment. I use CBD for my dog lilly who broke her back when she was 1. See the story here.
      I highly recommend using a pet specific CBD brand like this one That’s the product I personally use for my pets because of the extraction process allows for better absorption of the oils.

  10. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure the quality information in this post will be beneficial to anyone who come across it. This is actually my first time seeing that CBD can also work for pets. I wont think twice in purchasing one for my pups as I have 100percent trust in CBD products.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

    1. Thank you for your comment on CBD Benefits For Pets.

      I appreciate your kind words. You should definitely try the Doc Thackerys Pet CBD for your pet. I love the company and the product is a high quality CBD product that is of human medical grade.

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