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What Is CBD Oil For | Q&A

What Is CBD Oil For | Q&A

What Is CBD Oil For Q&A.

Learn, What Does CBD Really Do, Does CBD Really Do Anything? Side Effects, How Much Should You Take? Is CBD Medicine?  CBD Buyers Guides. Where To Buy Quality CBD Oil, What Is In CBD Oil?

What Should I Look For In CBD Oil?

What do you look for in CBD oil? The answer is not so simple.  These days, due to the vast array of CBD products that are popping up everywhere, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish a good CBD product from a not so good one.  Bottom line, from by experience, you get what you pay for.

Personally, I look for full product transparency.  This means that the company openly supplies any Certificates Of Authenticity as well as any state issued licences for distribution of the product.  This is important because these certificates show the exact amount of each ingredient within the formulation.

It’s also very important to know How Do They Produce CBD.  There are a few different extraction methods for CBD and other cannabinoids from the Cannabis Sativa Hemp plant.  Companies to watch out for use some form of heated extraction of the CBD oil along with chemicals that degrade the purity of the oil.

What you want to look for instead, is a product line that uses one of the following extraction processes.

  1. A supercritical CO2 extraction process. A process that applies large amounts of pressure on the hemp then by introducing ethanol to the pressure chamber they extract the oil.
  2. Another way, and my favorite so far is, a freezing and floating method that keeps the purity of the CBD higher than any other extraction process to date.   Extracting CBD oil by freezing does not degrade the oil at all, leaving you with the highest quality CBD product you can buy. BUYER Beware, this is not a cheap extraction process so you will pay more for products that do it this way.  Like the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel?

Does CBD oil get you High? No! You will never feel high from using CBD products because pure CBD products contain little to zero percent of THC.  THC is famous the world over for providing users a “High” feeling.

Does CBD Really Do Anything?

Yes. Clinical Research on the Benefits Of Cannabidiol(CBD) as well as many other cannabinoids is ongoing.

What we do know for certain is that the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) has only approved CBD for medical use in Epilepsy patients.

As of now we are restricted in saying much of anything else on possible other benefits that may result from adding CBD to your health and wellness routine.

What Are The Side Effects Of CBD Oil?

Other than sedation or gastrointestinal distress, you can not overdose from Cannabidiol(CBD).

The benefits of CBD for Epilepsy patients are proven, but others are not proven.  Adverse Effects have been reported from short term use of CBD as: fatigue, drowsiness, irritability, reduced appetite and diarrhea.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has also shown signs of increased effects of some prescription medications, just like Grapefruit can do for the well known anti depression medication Celexa.  More Below.

We recommended consulting your primary care doctor prior to taking any dietary supplement, including CBD or cannabis.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

Short answer and the safest bet is to start with 30-50MG daily.  Then, if the desired effects are not felt, increasing progressively to 60-150MG daily.

Cannabidiol(CBD) can be consumed in a multitude of ways.  Oil Tinctures, Vaping, Smoking, Gummies, Tablets, and edibles are all ways to consume CBD.  So, what is the best ways?

Tinctures are the best way to deliver CBD oil directly into the blood stream but If you are ok with inhaling vapor or smoking hemp flower, then those options are the optimal delivery methods due to the massive quantity of receptors in the lungs.

Ingesting or eating CBD takes the longest to process due to the time it takes your body to process and deliver the nutrients.

Is CBD Oil Addictive?

No, Cannabidiol(CBD) has been proven to be a non addictive substance even at super high levels.

A clinical trial of 37 patients were given CBD for 30 days in high doses of 1000mg daily.  After the 30 days the patients were restricted from using CBD.  The trial concluded there was no sign of dependence in all 37 patients.

What Drugs Should Not Be Taken With CBD?

  • Warfarin (Or any Blood Thinners)
  • Theophylline (COPD or Asthma Medications)
  • Alcohol (As In… Spirits) “This is an opinion, in my opinion.”
  • Clobazam (Or any Sedatives)
  • Valproate (Any Anticonvulsant)
  • Celexa (Or any anti-anxiety meds)

Always consult your doctor if you’re thinking about adding CBD to your daily supplement regimen.  Especially if you are taking prescription medications.  Most people take CBD in an attempt to remove over exaggerated, side effect infested pharmaceutical medications.

Is CBD Oil Good For Stress?

Does CBD Help You Relax? Personally, I feel a reduction in my hyperactivity when I take CBD regularly.  So in my opinion, I can say yes.  But for others the effects of CBD may be different.  Everyone is effected by Cannabinoids differently because the body uses cannabinoids to activate our Endocannabinoid System(ECS).

Our ECS works within us to increase Homeostasis, a important element to the internal balance of our bodies.

Does CBD Oil Give You Energy?

In some cases, it has been reported that CBD can help people sleep. This could possibly increase energy because it provides the body ample time to rest and heal.  CBD itself does not increase energy, but it activates the part of the body that can increase energy when needed.

Can I Rub CBD Oil On My Skin For Pain?

Yes,  There are topical CBD creams, balms, salves and gels that are marketed to help relieve pain from exercise or sore muscles.  When I toured Factory6, a growing Cannabidiol manufacturer, I asked “What is the best topical CBD to use for reduction of muscle or joint soreness?”.  The owner looked at me and said one word.  “Tinctures”

Can I Give CBD To My Pets?

Yes, CBD is absorbed and utilized within the bodies of our furry family in the same way it is within us.  Dogs and Cats both have Endocannabinoid Systems that work just like ours.

We suggest using a pet specific product like this one or this one because they are formulated in a way that keeps our smaller friends free of any adverse effects.  Gastrointestinal Distress is the most highly reported side effect of giving your animal to much CBD.

4 thoughts on “What Is CBD Oil For | Q&A”

  1. Can CBD Oil replace or equivalent smoking a joint of cannabis? 

    Are there CBD products that accommodate or are proven to be used for vaping? 

    I honestly think that CBD oil will lead to many people exploring different methods of cannabis intake like mixing edibles with cannabis and even baking muffins or cakes with cannabis. 

    Great article. I really learned a lot from the benefits of CBD intake.

    1. Hi Ezra, Thank you for commenting on What Is CBD Oil For.

      To answer your first question.  It depends on the desired effect.  If you are smoking marijuana with the purpose of the THC effects, then no,  CBD or Cannabidiol does not provide the euphoric “high” that its sister cannabinoid does.  

      If you are wanting the benefits of CBD oil then you will have to do it while clear headed.  

      There are many companies out there like this one that offer CBD Vape cartridges and dab waxes.

  2. Very good to see here and this has finally answered virtually all my questions about CBD oil. 

    I value it all from all you have shared here. 

    If I can, I will try all mg best to ensure that I can commit to using this because it is very beneficial to us and really great in all. 


    1. Thank you for your comment on What Is CBD Oil For | Q&A

      I’m so excited that all your questions about CBD Oil were answered.  I absolutely love using the Best CBD Products on the market.  

      Please feel free to chat with us anytime via our chat box on the right.  We will love to have a conversation with you to answer all your CBD questions. 


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